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What's So Good About Good Friday?

The news these days has been relentlessly dismal. When will the sheltering end? How many more people will die? What good could possibly come from all of this evil?

On Good Friday we remember how God used evil to bring about good for every one of us. Jesus was stalked by evil his entire earthly life. His crucifixion was the most dreadful event in history. Yet God used every enemy and every challenge he faced to save us. The Lord bowed in obedience to his Father and fulfilled every demand made by the Law. In doing so, he set us free from our bondage to death and decay. And he offers eternal life to every one of us.

God is in the redemption business. His plans may be invisible to us this week, next month, or even five years from now. But when we find ourselves doubting him, we should remember what he has already accomplished for us in Christ. Through the crucible of our suffering comes the promise of deliverance.


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