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How Will We Respond?

To those affected by the calamities affecting the news cycle?

A Message to the La Crescenta Presbyterian Church Family

How many disasters can the world endure? Today it’s Ida in Louisiana and the northeast, and out-of-control wildfires in northern California. Before that, it was Afghanistan where 100-200 US citizens and several thousand Afghan translators are still trapped. The earthquake in Haiti which killed 2,000 on August 14 now seems like old news even though, in some ways, the suffering has intensified. Before that it was the crisis on our southern border where hundreds of thousands of migrants from Central America sought (and still seek) relief from grinding poverty and gang violence.

The Lord Jesus is calling his people to action. Surely we have a role to play in helping those who are suffering. We can’t right every wrong and feed every hungry person. But we can and must do something, somewhere to help.

I’m writing to let you know I will be calling a special meeting of the Session at La Crescenta Presbyterian Church where we will talk, pray, and plan our response.

  • Will we send a medical team to Haiti? No, but we might help fund friends from the Dominican Republic who are able to help.

  • Will we send a squad of commandos to Kabul? No, but we might support the efforts of local charities that are relocating endangered Afghanis.

  • Will we resolve the on-going border crisis? No, but we will certainly continue to build the Casa de Los Angeles orphanage in Rosarito with the goal of supporting Mexican kids who need a loving Christian home.

  • Will we send a team to assist Presbyterian Disaster Assistance with their clean-up efforts in Louisiana or the scorched towns to the north? Maybe. At the very least I expect we will conduct a short campaign to add to the modest funds we’ve set aside in our budget for disaster relief.

Pray for God's world. Share your thoughts with me or other LCPC leaders. Watch for details.


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