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Our core mission – what Jesus has commissioned his Church to do – is to make disciples.

We fulfill that mission, in part, by helping everyone in our church family to become more like Jesus. But “discipleship training” doesn’t end there. Those who’ve been trained are then sent out to make more disciples. That’s the pattern established by Jesus and it's the essence of outreach at LCPC. Outreach for us takes many forms. In addition to Sunday worship services:

Most of our small groups are open to new people.

Most of the trips we offer (summer camps, our many mission trips. and our all church retreat) are open to newcomers. These life-changing experiences have helped hundreds of people to connect with Jesus and the church.

Our annual Vacation Bible School attracts more than 220 children, many of whom have never been to church.

The various music concerts we offer through the year are all outreach events.

Most of the fun events sponsored by Fellowship Ministry are structured to encourage members to bring newcomer friends.

The fellowship groups sponsored by Children’s and Student Ministries (SPARKS, Abide Jr High, Abide High School)

are newcomer-friendly. Their calendars are stuffed with super-fun outreach events.

Our Deacons respond to community needs created by poverty, injustice, sickness, unemployment or loneliness.

Our ministry of Biblical Reconciliation seeks to build bridges of friendship across ethnic lines.

 Lots of families connect with LCPC through our largest outreach, The Center for Children!

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