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Easter in the Time of COVID-19

Before the crucifixion and resurrection when Jesus was traveling about with his disciples it wasn’t very clear what he was up to. He said he was ushering in God’s kingdom, but what did that mean? He did a lot of teaching and performed a lot of mind-blowing miracles, but his followers mainly just listened and watched. They couldn’t do the things he was doing, so what did he want from them? The Lord was obviously getting them ready for something – but what?

It was only after Jesus died on the cross and broke out of the tomb that his purpose became clear to his followers. His plan all along was to plant his life – eternal life – inside them. He would live in their hearts, filling them with his joy. Empowered by the Spirit sent by the Father, the disciples would grow in his character. They would become the Lord’s representatives, loving others as he did. More than that, they would become kingdom builders. They would plant their Gospel seeds and grow trees that would bear

fruit forever.

We all want to live lives that are filled with meaning and purpose. Because of the truths revealed at Easter, we don’t have to spend our life trying to figure out what that means. We were made by God and for God. He created a huge empty space inside us so we would miss him, and want him, and invite him into our lives. When we live apart from God we try to fill that space with stuff that only drags us down. For some it might be sex… food… the NFL. For others it might be a career… financial success… an awesome Instagram brand. None of it satisfies our deep longings. None of it gives us the sense of fulfillment that comes from doing what you were made to do and becoming what you were made to be.

We discover our true meaning and purpose on the road with the Risen Lord. As we walk with him, he brings the life of the kingdom into our lives. We grow in his likeness; his love begins to overflow inside us; we become partners in his work. And to our amazement, the Lord actually begins to include us in the greatest work imaginable – the work of bringing new life to his lost and dying world.


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