Stewardship Campaign for 2021

Stewardship Campaign for 2021

Stewardship Campaign 2021

La Crescenta Presbyterian Church is looking ahead to 2021 secure in the knowledge that the Lord lights our path. Amid the loss, pain and uncertainty of the last year, we continue to see our Savior at work, showing us bold new ways to reach out and connect with our congregants and community. 

Will you join us as we step into the new year with faith, joy and a deep commitment to becoming the people God is calling us to be?

To fulfill our mission of spreading the love of Christ, we count on the spiritual and financial gifts of LCPC’s faithful family. Now more than ever, our growing ministries need your personal engagement and any financial support you are able to give. We invite you to pledge your time, talent and treasure to the missions of LCPC. This spiritual discipline of stewardship will strengthen your own faith and guide us as we make plans for building His Kingdom.

For some members of our church family, stewardship in the midst of the current cultural uncertainty must be very difficult. It is inspiring to know many have continued to tithe even as the coronavirus has brought economic hardship.  

The New Testament standard for tithing is 10 percent, and if you can do that, the Lord, I believe, will honor you. As Andy often says, 10 percent may not be possible and so tithing at the best level you or your family can reasonably manage is welcome and encouraged. 

Put simply, stewardship, along with giving tithes and gifts, is our responsible management of the resources with which God blesses us. In Psalm 50, God owns "the cattle on a thousand hills” — that is, all money is His to begin with.  

We must make every effort to return 10 percent of what He gives us back to Him or to the church, and to do our responsible best with the remaining 90 percent. Some members of our church family give extra financial gifts on top of the 10 percent tithe.  

Clearly, some believe talking about money in church is uncomfortable. I did as a new believer in Christ, but not anymore. Where else will we learn what the Bible says about responsible money management? Plus, we get to see how our tithes bless people in serious need.   

The book of Acts shares that it is “better to give than receive.” Helping a person or family in need multiplies the blessing for those receiving and giving the gift. It’s the warmth of a heart that knows God’s hands and feet are at work here at LCPC.

Remember, the amount you choose to give is entirely between you and the Lord (and our Financial Secretary and Finance Manager, who maintain this information in strict confidence). Your "Faith Estimate of Giving" is just that -- an estimate, not a rigid commitment -- if you experience changes in your circumstances after providing this estimate, please feel free to contact Sue Shanley to advise that you wish to alter your estimate of giving for the year.