“and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”Acts 1:8

We love mission work! Throughout LCPC’s long history, our congregation has been mission-minded. We offer a wide variety of service opportunities; some focus on local issues and needs and others extend our reach to Latin America. We organize 4-5 hands-on mission trips each year. We also help to sponsor 14 Christian mission workers on 3 continents. LCPC dedicates 10% of all donations received in support of the budget to mission work. In recent years we have also raised between $200,000 and $300,000 in additional support for missions. We would love for you to partner with us on God's mission to this world!

In determining how and where we serve, we try to keep several key principles in mind:
-We seek to follow the Spirit's guidance in prayer and conviction.

-We nurture friendships with the people we serve based on mutual respect.
-We mostly focus on underserved people who are struggling just to get by.
-We try do work that everyone can support. We tend to avoid projects that divide people on ideological grounds.
-We remember that God seeks to bless everyone, and that those who serve often receive back more than they give.
-We do all our work with the goal of making disciples of Jesus.

Here are some of the projects we're working on:


Project Dominicana

Project Dominicana is our outreach to Haitian-Dominicans living in poverty in the Dominican Republic. Mission teams from LCPC have been traveling to La Romana, DR since 2002. More than 500 people from the greater La Crescenta community have participated in these 10-day trips to serve people living in the slums and sugarcane plantations surrounding La Romana.


In partnership with local churches in the DR and churches in the US, we have completed the full construction and launch of an elementary school that serves 250 children. We have also built houses for families in need and conducted medical clinics for people who have no access to modern medicine or doctors.


Project Dominicana trips are designed for adults and high school students who are in reasonably good physical health. Participants experience the Gospel with fresh eyes while exploring issues of ethnicity, race and diversity that better equip them for our multicultural world. They learn powerful lessons about the relevance of the Gospel for rich and poor and the meaning of poverty. Transformational friendships are born when people discover their identity in Jesus. For more information, please contact Andy Wilson at andy@lcpc.net

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Casa de Los Angeles Children's Home

For the past seven years, LCPC has been working to build and launch the Casa de Los Angeles children’s home Rosarito, Mexico. Within two or three years we hope to finish construction, hire and train a staff, and open the facility. At full capacity, the CDLA family will include 38 children who will be taught to love the Lord and walk in his light. The children, both girls and boys, will be sent to us from the courts. All will be in desperate need of a loving home, though many will still have one or both parents living nearby. (That is true of the kids in most “orphanages” worldwide.) The Casa de Los Angeles facility is situated on a breezy hillside with an expansive view of the ocean and Rosarito’s justly famous beach. The lot where we’re building was given to LCPC by church member, Lucia Iriks, and her family. It can be reached from LA by car in less than 3 hours.

LCPC is the catalyst for CDLA. The Lord made it clear to us that our job isn’t to do all the work, but to recruit and inspire a network of churches and individuals to provide long-term support. That network currently includes 5 congregations. We hope to add 5 more within 2 years. Eventually, CDLA will have nonprofit status in both Mexico and the USA. The board and staff will include people from both countries.

LCPC will sponsor several short outreach trips over the next year, including one for youth (with Abide), one for men (through Men’s Ministry) and two more for anyone high school age or older. Outreach teams stay at a comfortable, secure mission station in a quiet neighborhood in Rosarito that’s operated by a missionary couple, Ron and Kristy Struska.  Ron is also CDLA’s construction manager.

Watch for details about these amazing mission trips. We’d love to include you.

Learn more at the CDLA Facebook Page.


Mission Partners

Sponsored Mission Workers

We’re all are sent to serve somewhere, but some of us have to cross oceans and continents to get there. That would include most of the 14 mission workers that LCPC helps to sponsor. They’re some of the coolest, toughest, smartest, most radically-devoted Jesus followers you’ll ever meet. And after you’ve been with us a while, you actually will meet them face-to-face because they check in with us every year or two! They’re sharing the Gospel with people who don’t know Jesus. They’re making him known by striving every day to imitate him.


are young adults serving Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in Boston. Marie oversees a team of 5 who work on 6 university campuses. Daniel  is engaged in post-graduate biblical studies.



is the founder and Director of Joy Hostel, a Christ-centered home for underserved girls in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Jane first arrived in Dhaka with her husband, the missionary Man Young. The Changs were beloved members of LCPC while Man Young was a student at Fuller Seminary. After his early death from cancer, Jane founded the Joy Hostel.



serve in Jos, Nigeria with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They lead a big team that’s translating God’s Word for people groups that have never read or heard it in their native tongue.



is a missionary to Taiwan with a special focus on counseling and Bible teaching. Born and raised in La Crescenta, Terri has also engaged in outreach in two other nations in East Asia.



live in Cairo, Egypt when Darren teaches theology and is the Dean of Faculty at Evangelical Seminary (the largest in the Arab World), and Elizabeth teaches Old Testament at American University.



is the founder and Director of Bridges, an LA-based ministry that provides support for Christian leaders seeking to build Christ following communities, especially with people who are disconnected from the Church.



train and encourage pastors and churches in Northern Thailand. Young teaches pastoral theology and is part of an evangelistic outreach to the Karen people of Myanmar.



bring good news to people in a region of tremendous need. They’re courageous servants who are grateful for all the ways we lift them up.

to offer financial support to a particular mission project, contact Sue Shanley.