Lee's Morning Bible Studies

Lee's Morning Bible Studies

This week, we continue in the series called Disruption: Challenging the Status Quo. We will be studying the message of the Prophets of the Old Testament. If you are dissatisfied with the shallow, consumer driven, and partisan faith so prevalent in our culture, the solution is the disruptive grace of God. We'll discover the Prophets' message of Holiness, Justice, Forgiveness, Concern for the Poor and Marginalized, Worship, and Obedience.

This study guide covers this Sunday's sermon as well as Lee's bible studies for Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week.

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Disruption: Challenging The Status Quo

"The Good shepherd"

This week we discover that the Good Shepherd is gathering his lost sheep and gives his life for the flock.

Lee's Facebook Bible study will not meet this week
but will resume Monday, September 21