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Deacon's Beacon: Sept 2019

Posted by Kerry Milbrodt on

Dear Friends,

Summer weather is in full swing, even though school has started for our students. We wish them all the best in the new school year. I remember when I started working full time. The thought of no more summer vacation was devastating. Sometimes, it still feels that way! Your Deacons have continued to work behind the scenes all summer, standing ready to provide care and comfort to our community. Did you know that we have an emergency food cupboard for those needing food for a day or two? The bags are ready to go with non-perishable items for easy to prepare meals. Just ask Nancy Thomas in the church office or Jeanette Woodward, who maintains the cupboard. We also have the Deacons Fund with the purpose of helping people in our local community in crisis situations like a loss of a job or illness caus
ing temporary loss of income, an unexpected expense, or similar. The Fund is not intended as a regular source of assistance, but help in          time of need. If you or someone you know could use some assistance, please reach out to any Deacon and we will share your request with our committee and lend a hand. Being a Deacon has been a rewarding time of service for me and I have grown in many ways by being a member of this wonderful group of people. If you might be interested in becoming a Deacon, the Nominating Committee is even now meeting to nominate the next class of Deacons and Elders. You may reach out to Jon Weingarten, the moderator of the Nominating Committee, or if they call on you, prayerfully consider this call to serve our Lord. God bless you all and happy fall!