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Deacon's Beacon: Feb 2019

Posted by Kerry Milbrodt on

At our recent Deacons meeting, we talked about service and hearing God’s voice. One of our Deacons called LCPC “…a place where miracles happen” and I feel this is so true.

Our Father knows what we are going through and what we need. He provides love, strength, wisdom and pure physical and spiritual strength through His people, our fellow church members. We are His hands and feet, His voice of cheer and encouragement. It is such a gift to serve and obey our loving Father. When you feel that gentle nudge to go speak to someone you don’t know well, or send a card of encouragement or help take in your neighbor’s trash can, act on it! Those small gestures and acts of kindness are a blessing to you as well as the person you help.

Did you know the Deacons have a Fund? This is from your gifts and offerings on Sundays and special events and provides real financial assistance to our congregation and community members who may need help such as gift cards to Ralphs or Trader Joe’s, rent, or mortgage payment. Deacons are there in times of hardship. That’s what we do. Please do not be afraid to ask. Just give Nancy Thomas in the church office a call and she will let us know. All assistance is strictly confidential.

Elaine Ross Collins sends Get Well, Anniversary, Birthday and Sympathy cards. If you know someone who would benefit from such a friendly and loving gesture, please email her at: to add them to the list. You can also advise her of birthday and anniversary dates as well as anyone who might need a visit from a Deacon, which is another of our core services.

Janie Roach wants to thank those who stepped up to provide rides to doctors and therapy for members of our congregation. If you have a need to get somewhere, please call on Janie via the church office, who will coordinate transportation for you or a loved one.

We are so blessed to be a church family. Remember to love and appreciate those around you. God Bless you all.