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Deacon's Beacon: April 2019

Posted by Kerry Milbrodt on

Dear Friends,

How wonderful it is to see our beautiful green hillsides and smell the sweet aroma of Spring flowers and the citrus blossoms! I am grateful for the beauty that our Lord surrounds us with each morning. I am grateful for the knowledge that God loves us enough to give us this amazing earth to enjoy. I am grateful as well for his undying faithfulness in giving us our Savior, Jesus. As Easter approaches, I am trying to slow down and savor how blessed I am by the Grace that saves me and gives me hope for the future, here on earth and in heaven. Some of my favorite events during Lent are the Ash Wednesday service, setting us onto our Lenten journey, the Maundy Thursday supper and service and, of course, Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. These services are comforting reminders of how we are loved and how we can love others. I remember our first Maundy Thursday supper when our girls were very young. I had never heard of it before but felt so much a part of our church family at that moment. It remains one of my most cherished traditions at LCPC. I hope that you and your loved ones will attend this blessed service. The Deacons love putting together this meal and find the preparation and serving of it to be a real joy of fellowship. Remember, you have many opportunities to help your church family, whether you are a Deacon or not. We always need ushers, greeters, gardeners (Cornerstone Crew on Saturdays) volunteer drivers, meal train meal makers, etc. Speaking of Meal Train, I made a mistake last month in Armineh Manookian’s email address. It is: I hope my error did not cause difficulties for anyone wishing to volunteer a meal! Remember your blessings my friends, and be a blessing wherever you go.

In the Name of Christ,

Kerry Milbrodt.