"ABIDE" Youth

"ABIDE" Youth




These are the 3 essentials to ABIDE Student Ministry at LCPC:


is one of the most important aspects of life, let alone our ministry! We worship a God who is bigger, better and more praiseworthy than anyone or thing on this earth. At Abide, worship both in song and in lifestyle are essential; you’ll hardly attend a service without one!


is one of our favorite words. Really, it just means fun - and we try to have fun in almost everything we do at Abide! Jesus created the church to do life together, and at Abide we try to have fun doing that. Whether it’s through games, drama, or something else- we do awesomeness!


is one of our favorite parts of being a part of LCPC. No matter where you’re at in life, there is someone at Abide who wants to get to know you, listen to you, and be your friend. We would love to buy you coffee, froyo, or just hang any time. We do life together at Abide.