Ashley's Palm Sunday Message


LCPC Children's Ministries Update (We want to stay connected!)

We know that this is a hard time for everyone – the whole structure of life has changed for us. But we are still here if you or your children want to talk or cry or even tell us about FortNite or Roblox. And remember, there is one thing that never changes and that is God. Hebrews 13:8 says: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. He loved you last month before all this craziness and He loves you now. He was with you to help you and hear you and give you the courage to get through hard things back then and He is still with you now.

 We cannot meet in person but Children’s Ministry leaders still want to stay connected. Kids, we miss you! Here are some ways we hope to stay connected:

1)    Each week, I will be posting a family devotional on the website blog page as well as emailing it out. The devotional will include a scripture passage and some game and art ideas to do as a family. This week's devotional is attached. 

Family Devotion Link

2)    Kristy and I are setting up two Google Hangout times a week where your child can join us to catch up, play games and have Bible Q&A or prayer request time. The hangouts will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-4:30PM. At 3:30PM each day, parents on our email list will receive a link that their child can click on to join the hangout. As a mom, I understand that internet safety is a top priority. Children will be asked not share any photos while on the hangout and parents will be encouraged to monitor their device during that 30 minute period.


3)    The Easter Art Gallery we had planned for the narthex is now going to be a virtual Easter Art Gallery. Children are encouraged to take some time during Lent to create a sketch, painting, collage, poem, sculpture etc. that connects to the Easter story and then send their art via email (scan and send) to  . We will feature it on the LCPC website to celebrate Easter.

 That's what we have planned for right now! The church also has formed an outreach team to help you during this time. If you need someone to talk to or pray with, or need someone to pick up your prescription, you can click HERE to connect online.  If you have any ideas as to what else would be helpful, please let me know. And, please know that we are praying for you. If your child would like to call or text to talk or pray, they can reach me on my cell at 858.722.0889.

Love in Christ,

 Ashley Pollock

When We Return!!!

At each Sunday morning service we have three programs running for children:

  • Infants and toddlers are welcomed into the nursery for a fun hour of music, stories, play and plenty of nurturing hugs from our wonderful child care providers – Jenna and Elizabeth.
  • Children in pre-school and kindergarten meet in room 102and 101, respectively, for Sunday school. Each week our rotation of loving and capable teachers leads the children in story time, a craft that connects to the lesson, games, sensory tables and prayer. Parents are also encouraged to follow up on the lesson at home with monthly prayer stickers.
  • Last but not least, all 1st-6th graders can come to F.I.S.H.! F.I.S.H. (First I Serve Him) combines elements of music, drama, puppetry, and small group study and prayer. The program aims to be interactive and provide easy applications of each week’s lesson. All children are dismissed from the sanctuary down into Koopmans Hall for large group. Throughout the school year, they move into classrooms 201, 202 and 204 for a small group time, where they read right from the Bible, are encouraged to ask questions and play games that incorporate the main idea of that week’s lesson.

PEAK Night – Mid Week Program

Praise and Education for Adults and Kids (PEAK) takes place Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm with the following programs for Children:

  • The Tiny Turtles (0-2 year olds)
    Our adorable Tiny Turtles meet in the nursery where they are cared for by our fantastic teen nursery workers – Allie Fernandez and Sarah Milbrodt. Both girls have experience working with young children, have taken a CPR class and make sure to provide stories, music and plenty of love for our youngest PEAK-goers.
  • Lively Lambs (3 year olds-kindergarten)
    The Lively Lambs (and they are lively in the best possible way) meet in room 101. Each week the children have Bible story time, outdoor play, art and even a special music class.
  • Fast Frogs (1st-3rd graders)
    Our Fast Frogs meet in room 204 and begin the evening with table activities, followed by interactive Bible story telling. After the story, the teacher leads a discussion on what we can learn from the scripture and how it applies to the children’s lives. This application is reinforced through games and crafts. Our “frogs” learn worship music and also have the opportunity to share on Sunday mornings throughout the year. To conclude the evening, there are snacks and recreation time on the basketball court.
  • SPARKS (4th-6th graders)
    Our SPARKS are led by Mary Wilson and a devoted team of volunteers. The SPARKS begin PEAK on the basketball court and then move into the Fireside Room for a time of worship, scripture reading, skits and small group activities. Also, keep an eye out for fun SPARKS events like our Backwards Dinner, SPARKS in the DARK Night Games and movie nights!