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Lee's Latest: Mar 2019 Journeys require directions

Posted by Lee Cook on

Journeys require directions. It’s a wonderful thing to get in your car and go explore without thinking about where you’re going to end up, but when you actually need to arrive at a destination, you’re going to need directions. During Lent we have a destination – to be shaped and molded into the image of Jesus. Too often, unfortunately, many Christians set out on their faith journey with only the vaguest notion of what the destination looks like and, as a result, merely wander down country roads and blind alleys. This year, I am offering a brief, six-week Bible study on the Book of James. In it we’ll discover a faithful guide to lead us into undiscovered country. James will teach us how to deal with adversity, seek wisdom, put our faith into action, and so much more. If you feel like you’re lost in the woods on your journey of faith, come join us starting March 13 for a look at the Book of James.

Love in Him,