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Lee's Latest: Jan 2019 God’s promises and faithfulness

Posted by Lee Cook on

The early Christians faced many difficulties, an out of control government ruled by leaders who were corrupt and self-serving, a culture that viewed their beliefs with scorn and distrust, and cataclysmic wars that felt as if the world was coming apart at the seams. How were they to make sense of the world around them? Was God faithful to His promises? Would God finally bring peace and hope? In this situation, the Apostle John wrote a book to inspire, encourage, and discipline his readers. He described a great battle between good and evil and he used powerful language to help his readers understand. This January, I am beginning a six-week study of the book of Revelation. So many people struggle to make sense of this strange sounding book, but John was hoping that his book would help them make sense of the world around them. Come join us as we learn how to interpret our world in light of God’s promises and faithfulness