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Lee's Latest: Dec 2018 Blessed Assurance: A Study of Revelation

Posted by Lee Cook on

Blessed Assurance: A Study of Revelation

We take the same route to work every day, listen to the same music we did in high school, order the same meal at restaurants, and according to national statistics, spend three hours on our phones everyday arguing with the same anonymous people about politics. OK, so maybe our lives aren’t that ho-hum. But most of us find ourselves in a rut. If we are honest with ourselves, we tend to read the same Bible passages again and again – like finding comfort from a familiar old friend. Our church attendance becomes routine and status quo, singing the same old songs. What can break us out of our doldrums? Reading a book like Revelation is exactly what we need. This book, very often ignored and even more often misrepresented, is an antidote to our spiritual rut. The language of dragons, cosmic battles, and a victorious Hero can shake us out of
our routines and awaken us to what God is doing in the here and now. The Revelation of John is not a theological crossword puzzle to be decoded, but rather a pastoral letter to people who are struggling to make sense of a world that is in political and cultural chaos (sound familiar?). I will begin a study of Revelation in January and I hope you will join me in the New Year to celebrate the new life that Jesus brings.