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Deacon's Beacon: Jan 2019

Posted by Kerry Milbrodt on

Happy New Year! Wow, another year just flew by, faster than the one before. We try to savor each day, but somehow they just slip by. Since we cannot slow time down, let’s try to make the days count for more – more love, more attention to our family and friends, more thanks to our Savior whose birth we just celebrated, more thought about what we can do for others, and more time to listen for God’s word in our lives. Our Deacons are always looking for ways to help and make a difference. We consider it an honor to serve and, in doing so, share God’s love with those we know and those who may yet be strangers. I spoke to a couple of our outgoing Deacons who have finished their three years of service and asked what were the most meaningful aspects of what they did during those three years. One Deacon who has been in charge of setting up our monthly communion services told me she loved getting the elements ready for this wonderful sacrament. She felt so blessed to be part of a world-wide worship, sharing Christ’s words and actions with other believers at the same time, a truly awesome experience. Another Deacon who served as a Meal Train and Food Pantry organizer and visited many of our congregation who are unable to come to services felt especially blessed to be able to be involved in large projects where just one or two people could not be as effective. She learned while visiting shut-ins that life truly is short and that taking time to be with people makes a difference in her life and theirs. Our Deacons are in charge of tasks such as sending birthday/get well/sympathy cards, organizing rides for those who cannot drive on their own (including to church events and services, the doctor, shopping, etc.), sending out grief booklets, making sure the worship service hearing aids work, organizing the annual Blood Drive, taking the Sunday flowers to members of the congregation, meals home delivery, visitations, the Food Pantry, taking the minutes of our monthly meetings, and chairing the meetings. Each of us has the privilege of serving in those capacities and in helping to serve special meals and with other events at church during the year. We feel blessed to be part of the mission of the church, pointing others to Christ and showing how His redeeming love is what saves. Please consider ways you can help others, looking outside yourself, and seeking God’s will in your life. Each day is an opportunity for service.

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